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Our Simple $5 Site has an ARSENAL of Simplified And Specialized - AI & Non-AI - Apps that do Extraordinary things for You - Beyond ChatGPT!

Simple Apps Do Your Work or Make You Money

with FREE AI for 80+ AI Models!


It's FULL of APPs!

Simple APPs where You Can Choose & Use from 80+ AI Models - ChatGPT is NOT the only AI here!

27+ Ways To Make Money!
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Note: This Site is designed to be more accessible to Sight-impaired.  CONTENT is Human Created

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Free Apps Will Always Be Here To Use, Yet
There's a Limit To What A Few Free APPs Can Do For You
An Entire APPs ARSENAL™ of Simplified AI APPs & Non-AI APPs Can Easily Make You Money & Do An Immense Amount Work For You

AI IS powerful. Many worry about it. BUT if You USE it there is Nothing to worry about.

AI can literally save you time & make you money. Our Apps Arsenal is BUILT for that - every App is on ONE site. And $5 is cheaper than Anything out there!

There IS a 'No Questions' Guarantee So You can't go wrong.

"While some worry that AI may take their job, someone who is [using] AI, Will take it."
 - Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA (AI chip maker)


If you go Just $5 beyond the Free Apps:

Get the Entire Apps ARSENAL™ of Individual Simplified & Specialized APPs
 - AI and NON-AI - to do your work.

Customers served! 3 AI MODELS (So Far!)

Customers served! 3 APPs (So Far!)

ALL Apps are on One Site, One Login
Usable on Any Device - Even Phone Screens,
With 80+ AI Models You can Choose to Use

-Go Beyond just ChatGPT With Multi-Model AI Apps!

You Get the New APPs & New AI Models We Constantly Add 

Our Apps Do Your Work for You
Or Make You Money (27+ Ways!)
Without You Crafting "Prompts" (We Give You Those)

We Simplified AI To Do The Extraordinary...

For You   For Just $5


You COULD Pay OpenAI $20 /month For "Pro" Access and try dozens of prompts in ChatGPT to get a response you need/want


Pay $5/mo and use our Quick Easy AI App - which is an Direct Interface into the SAME OpenAI ChatGPT Model! - and do the SAME THING, except get your prompts from our Prompts Arsenal™ App & Database. Get it done cheaper & faster.

That is just TWO of the Apps in the Arsenal. And ChatGPT is NOT our ONLY AI Model!


Consider how much more power you get from simple access to MANY AI Models (Sources of AI) Instead of ONE. Don't like what one does? Choose another!
To Name a Few Included:

OpenAI ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo
OpenAI ChatGPT 4.0
Google Gemini Pro
Anthropic Claude 3
Meta Llama
Google Gemma

Nous Hermes
Perplexity Sonar
. . . and so many more!


AI is here To STAY. Its use will grow and spread.  The BEST & Profitable way to deal with AI  is to Use It. But there's an Elephant in our room.

The ELEPHANT: there are other AI sites out there, even a few with free AI (for now), But... 
HUGE differences:


Those Free AI sites/apps require an account - and may not be Free for long.

Other AI App sites are 1 App focused on One task, like Marketing content, and ONE Model - ChatGPT.


OUR Free Apps NEVER require an account and there will ALWAYS be Free AI Apps here.

OUR site has MANY Apps Focused on Many Tasks and over 80 AI Models to Choose from on One Site.
Go Beyond Just ChatGPT (or even all 6 OpenAI)


They just provide - NOT Simplify - AI - for example:

On Other AI sites YOU have to learn & create (or hunt down!) the commands ("Prompts") to get the AI to work for you correctly.
It can take HOURS... or Days!


We Simplify AI & AI Apps. For example:

Our Apps have the commands ("prompts") BUILT IN (just choose!) and TWO Apps to provide More:
The Prompts Engineer
The Prompts Arsenal™ with Prompts Database


Other App sites typically cost $20/mo and focus on one area like Marketing Content, SEO, etc..

Other AI App Sites only use AI. (usually 1 model)

On other sites, the entire Site IS the App, and difficult or too big to use on an phone screen.


OUR site costs $5/mo for an Arsenal (Over 60+) of Apps for all kinds of tasks - and we add to it.

We built AI & NON AI Apps (AI isn't always "best")

All our Apps runs independently and DESIGNED to fit/be used on any device screen even phones.

The Fallacy of THEIR "Free": There are big companies out there with Apps or AI Models they call FREE, but for them, Free is with limited use. At some point, you either have to upgrade, or come back "later" after a significant pause, to continue use. (They have Big bills to pay) Our Free IS Free - no upgrades, no "pauses".


The Best & Profitable way to deal with AI & the Future, is to make AI Work for You, NOW.

We are here to help you do just that with SIMPLIFIED & Specialized Apps (AI & NON-AI) to do ALL the work YOU need done or to make money for you, Fast.

Don't Be The One Worrying About AI - Be The One USING AI!
WATCH a 2 minute Demo
See How To Use One of Our Simplified AI Apps That does MANY Different Tasks and You Can Choose Any of 80 AI Models (AI Sources) To Use!

Note: Having Many Many AI Models to choose & use, is why we call this App "AI Arsenal App" - it can be used for many different tasks, including tasks designed to make you money


Using MANY AI Models With Multi-Model AI Apps:

How To Choose Another AI Model (a Source of AI) To Use

2 Minute Demo: How To Use One Simplified AI App (a General Task App) and Choose ANY of 80 AI Models (Sources) To Use! (ChatGPT is Only ONE of our AI Models)

If you Watched this You know how to use the other Apps!

This is Just ONE App - an AI General Purpose (Many Tasks) App - That Can Do More Work For You and You can even choose a BETTER AI Model (AI Source) Than ChatGPT.

ANY AI Model You Choose - Any Time - You Still Pay Nothing for the AI

There are MORE DEMOS in "The Money" Section below!


Why try to get your work done or product made - by endless "chatting" with ONE AI Model (ChatGPT) - that ONLY works with information from Before September 2021? (Meaning the info is NOT up to date)

Our APPs can Use ChatGPT if You like - Or Any of 80+ AI Models - and Our AI IS Free.

And our Apps are "Specialized" - DESIGNED specifically to do the work you need or create the product you need.

Don't Be The One Worrying About AI - Be The One USING AI!
We made it as simple as it can be.:

  • With our Simplified & Specialized Apps, even Grandma could finish your algebra homework in seconds!
  • We built Simple & Specialized Apps to be Brain-Dead Easy for an everyday person with NO tech experience.
  • IF you would like to MAKE MONEY fast - We have Specialized Apps DESIGNED to do that for you. (Video Below in 'The Money' shows You HOW, in 3 minutes)
  • IF you would like work done FOR you - We have Specialized Apps DESIGNED for each task.
  • FORGET Paying for AI. In our Apps the AI is FREE. INCLUDED. No API Key needed.
  • FORGET Paying dozens of other AI Sites. Our Site $5 and We add more Apps constantly.
  • ESCAPE tedious Learning Curves. Our Apps are all similar. Learn to use one, you know them all.
  • FORGET having to "craft" AI commands ("Prompts") - We GIVE those to you IN EVERY App!
  • FORGET just ChatGPT - Is Not our only AI. Our Multi-Model AI Apps™ apps let you Choose From 80 AI Models
  • We ADD Apps constantly for Your Profit & Productivity. Need "an App to do ___?" We'll make it for you.
  • These Simplified & Specialized Apps are a product of 2 years (so far!) And Thousands of dollars of design and development by 2 Tech companies.


Our Individual, Stand-alone, Simplified Apps do your work. They create products to sell. 

There are Apps to do everything - all the work - You need and they run on ANY device - even use them on your phone screen - all from ONE site. SIMPLIFIED Apps Even Grandma Could Use (AI and NON-AI)

There are:

-- Apps to MAKE You MONEY
-- Apps to Write Content for You
-- Apps to MAKE APPs to Sell (in seconds, No coding)
-- Apps to Make Products to Sell
-- Apps to Write Complete eBooks READY to Sell
-- Apps to Do Your Work Fast & Easy
-- Apps to Create AI Images & Graphics
-- Apps to "Chat" using a Choice of 80+ AI ModelsChatGP is Not our Only AI

Over 60+ Simplified & Specialized Apps - AI and Non-AI - And more being added Constantly.
Many of the Apps have multiple purposes and can do many tasks

Consider a Problem:
Let's say you need a "vehicle" to do a particular job. Some jobs need a car. Some require a truck. Some require a Limo. Some a tractor. With one click, you can choose the AI "vehicle" - the AI Model (Source) - you need to get your AI job/work done. You don't have to just use ChatGPT.


Our Dedicated MISSION is to Simplify AI for everyday people. To build inexpensive, simplified and specialized AI & Non-AI Software that is Simple Smart and built to actually help YOU - to Get Your Work done FASTER or to Make You some Money.

We are committed to HELPING our visitors and members, SO We WELCOME & Encourage ANY Questions YOU have, directly to our email address:  [email protected]

We Want to be contacted, and answer your questions PERSONALLY.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 
 – Leonardo da Vinci.


Go Beyond just the "FREE" Apps and join. Then Using the site and getting access to the entire APPs ARSENAL™ and using EVERYTHING else we have added so far - and will add - is simplicity itself:

The APP Chosen Opens in a NEW Page Like...

When You select The Apps they open in their own stand-alone INDIVIDUAL Single Page App and run independently - they use NO RESOURCES on the server, so there are NO performance issues for you regardless of how many users there are.

And they display perfectly, even on a small phone screen. SIMPLE to use.

The MONEY (Making Yours)

Money is not a four letter word 🙂

We can all use it - why not have AI and Apps do the work for that, for you? We have several Apps for that. AI AND Non-AI Apps. And a few examples and demos as well.

ONLY Need ONE To Make Money  

 And It only takes ONE simple product to make some money.
We have several Apps that make things You Can Sell.

It only takes ONE Good product (idea) to make good money.
Just don't let someone else use your idea first. Join first! Timing, is everything. Don't be left behind.


Get an eBook Written for Amazon In Minutes

We have TWO eBook Maker Apps - One works without Human "Assitance/guidance", and one that doesn't need it.

What if you used our AI eBook Write-r Xtreme App? (No Human Assistance Needed)

It can Create COMPLETE Non-Fiction eBooks from a simple description of an idea (4 sentences!)

It produced Kindle Books - 50 to 80 Pages each - ready to be published as is! IN MINUTES.

In 2 days, we created 4 Kindle eBooks READY TO BE PUBLISHED
Approved by Amazon and LISTED for sale - Approved EXACTLY as written by our App.
We made no changes or edits.
The App delivered an eBook ready to be published that Amazon did not know was AI.
They are available on Kindle RIGHT NOW.

Of course, you could also sell the eBooks yourself. Or on GumRoad, FaceBook, etc.)

The Video Below Shows You How To Do This.

If you only charged $2 and only 6 people buy it, WHO CARES?!
You could have had AI create it while watching TV. Or Eating a sandwich. 
You make $12 and YOU are an "author"

Make Money DEMO 1:

HOW - Using (One of Two) Apps - To Create & Publish Your Own AI Written eBook on Amazon - For Fun & Profit

Short Demo: How To Use One Simplified AI App To Publish an AI Written eBook on Amazon in Minutes

If you Watched this You know how to use our other Apps! (All use the same style interface)

This is Just ONE App That can help you Make Money with The Apps Arsenal™

Over 27 Ways & 26 Apps - To Make You Money (Click to Reveal)

We all can use more money.

Fortunately, we have Apps - AI and Non-AI Apps - designed to make that task FAR easier. We built "Money Apps" specifically for Making Income.
The APPS Do The Work.

ALL of these Apps require NO effort and NO Coding. Simply fill in the blanks.

Without Effort or coding or writing, You Can provide "Work When You Want" Services OR Create HUNDREDS of Products to sell - Your own Apps, Your own content. We can also tell you where & how to sell them.

Just to name a FEW Possible Ways: 

  1. Use AI Bot Dazzler or AIMX to Create & sell your own Custom GPT ChatBot APPs (we Call them AFocused AI Apps) - secured and unbreakable.  NO coding, SIMPLE.
  2. Use AI eBook Write-r HE or AI eBook Write-r Xtreme to Be an Author - Create eBooks to Sell on Amazon or Facebook or Gumroad or Google Play, Draft2Digital, etc. - written FOR YOU by Our AI Apps from an Idea. Tech books, Recipe Books, children's books, hobby books - any idea you can think up.
    We PROVED it could be done - used One writing APPs to get  books accepted & published on Amazon.

  3. Create  Video Books with UTube Book Maker or UTube Book MakerPRO to sell anywhere online. These NON-AI Apps can turn ANY videos on YouTube or Vimeo into a stand-alone (no Cloud!) SPA Video Book App. THOUSANDS of possibilities.
  4. Create  Video eCourses with UTube Book Maker or UTube Book Maker PRO to sell, using the videos of the course in the UTubeBook.
  5. Create  Human-style Blog Content to Freelance/Sell with the Apps  Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal Appand AI Blog Helper App. (Work when you want)
  6. Create  PDF books to freelance/sell/use with the (Non-AI) PDF-r App
  7. Create  Human-style Article Content to Freelance/Sell with Our AI Article Assistant App or  Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal Appor AI Multi-Content Maker.
  8. Create  PLR Content to sell to people who need products they can customize and resell as their own - Books, Newsletters, Reports, etc. - with Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App or AI eBook Write-r Xtreme or AI Multi-Content Maker.
  9. Create  Video Scripts to Freelance/Sell with Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App or AI Video Scripter.
  10. Create  human-style 'Reports' Content to Freelance/Sell/Use with Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App. Reports are also good for freebies to build a list.
  11. Create  NEW Content to freelance/sell/use with AI ReWrite-r Xtreme.
  12. Create  human-like Social Media posts to Freelance/Sell/Use with Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App or X Post Writer AI or AI LinkedIn Post Helper to .
  13. Create  a Newsletter to Freelance/Sell with Human-style writing with Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App.
  14. Create  AI APPs to Sell - WITHOUT CODING created For You with AI Bot Dazzler or AIMX.
  15. Create  Sales Copy to Freelance/Use - Our AI Apps do the writing, you just describe the products and choose a "style" and a type (model/framework) of sales copy With Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App.
  16. Create  a Custom (NON-AI) SPA Web App Page to freelance/sell by turning ANY list of Web Sites (such as "The Top XX sites for ____") with Web List Curator Xtreme App.
  17. Create  Checklists to freelance/sell with Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App or AI Checklist Maker App.
  18. Create an Custom EVENT Promotion Page as a Single Page Web App to sell/freelance/use with the (Non-AI) Event-r App Maker App. 
  19. Create an Custom Catalog List as a Single Page Web App to sell/freelance/use with the (Non-AI) Lister Maker App.
  20. Create email Copy for Others - Our AI Apps Like Quick Easy AI (ChatGPT) or AI Arsenal App can create dazzling email content others will pay you to get.
  21. Create an Custom "Ad/Landing Page" as a Single Page Web App to sell/freelance/use with the (Non-AI) Ad Page Maker App.
  22. Create Software APPs to freelance/sell with Our AI Code Expert App. It can create COMPLETE Apps for you in ANY software language (PHP, JavaScript, Python, C, etc.)
  23. Create Prompts to sell/use using the AI Prompt Engineering App.
  24. Create Digital Art - Our 3 AI Imaging Apps can create amazing arts just from text describing the picture you want.
  25. With ReelDazzler App Create DazzleReels to sell - We have an App that creates dazzling Audio/Visual "Reels" Apps that do NOT need a program like Power Point to run (stand-alone) & can be uploaded Anywhere, including on Our Hosting Site (for FREE)
  26. Create  Memes and Posters to freelance/sell - We have AI Image Apps like AI Imginer that can create wonderful unique images, and the NON-AI Apps Like the Meme-r App you can use to add text - like memes - to the images. Our AI Apps can create the text you need, like famous quotes.
  27. REFER PEOPLE to this site. 🙂 We have a referral policy - when you refer someone to the site who stays a member over a month, we refund YOUR membership payment for that month.
    If you refer MORE than 1 person who remains a member for over a month, the we pay you $4 for each referral.
  28. AND MORE (In our Book)

In all cases, Our AI does the work, and delivers ready-to-sell products in minutes. There are actually more ways to make money with our APPs if you think about it.

We invested Tens of thousands of $$ so you can produce income effortlessly. (More on this further down)

(Actual Apps & Products - It's an Incredible List!)

Make Money With Apps Arsenal - WITHOUT AI 

We have a lot of Apps for making money using AI. But we also have NON-Apps for doing the same thing.


UTubeBook Maker is a NON-AI App that Creates a "Gallery of Videos" Book - a Stand-alone Web App that runs on ANY DEVICE! - Legally Using ANY Videos You Choose from YouTube or Vimeo

While YouTube can be used to get some traffic via Videos you create, It is VERY difficult, and expensive, to make money directly on the site itself. We fixed that.

UTubeBook Maker creates a Book App you CAN sell or give away by leveraging those Vidoes on YouTube. Not just yours, but ANY video on YouTube and Vimeo.

When anyone uploads a Video to YouTube (or Vimeo), they have to agree/not agree to allow that video to be "embedded" viewed & shared in websites outside of YouTube. 

UTubeBook Maker creates UTubeBooks - a "Gallery of Videos" Book App, with or without text you add to videos, by using the "embed link".

It does NOT copy the videos - just the video thumbnail and first frame. The Book App created loads (FAST!) & displays those videos - ON DEMAND.

The Book App it creates can be uploaded on any website anywhere.

UTubeBook Maker can (if you like) password protect your Book App - a user has to have the password to use the App and see the Videos YOU selected or created (and uploaded to YouTube).

SO, you can SELL "access" to the Book App videos by selling the password access.
THIS VIDEO below shows you, in a few minutes, how it's done. It is simple and easy.

Make Money DEMO 2:

UTubeBook Maker Creates a "Gallery of Videos" Book - that is also a stand-alone Web App that runs on ANY DEVICE! - legally using ANY Videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
Short Demo: How To Use One Simplified AI App To Publish an AI Written eBook on Amazon in Minutes

If you Watched this You know how to use our other Apps! (All use the same style interface)

This is Just ONE App That can help you Make Money with The Apps Arsenal™

Membership is LIMITED. Join & Get the APPs ARSENAL™ & Everything We Add - NO RISK!

For those who join Now, that $5 will Never Rise!


Absolutely NO RISK!  Join without worries.
IF You Cancel in the first 30 days FOR ANY REASON
You Get Your $5 Back AND Keep Anything You Created! No Questions

So Just HIT That Black Join Button!
Only 2,300 People Can Join (We are half-way!)

And... We PAY YOU!

You can get your monthly fee refunded each month! With our simple referral program: Each month If you recommend our site to Anyone who joins and stays for over a month, the next month YOUR monthly payment is refunded for that month.


This is Where AI & Apps Go To Be FREE™. It is ALSO the home of the APPs ARSENAL™ 

 When you have the vision to Get the ARSENAL - There are Powerful Benefits:

CLICK  To Reveal All

Don't Pay For AI & Don't Pay For AI Sites

You do NOT pay for the AI in our Apps.

You DO NOT PAY for other AI Sites - No Paying $20/mo to sites like OpenAI.com. NO "API Key" is suddenly needed after you join. Use Simplified Simple Smart Power - a Direct ChatGPT interface - NO LIMITS & NO COST.  We Pay for All AI.

Aren't you TIRED of paying to Join a site, and then discover YOU have to provide an "API Key" so that YOU Pay for your AI usage? Or discover the "Pro" version costs more?


$5 for ALL the Apps. Nothing else to pay. Always stays at $5 for those who join now

AND OUR Site offers MORE than Just ChatGPT (or 2 Versions of it) - We have 80+ AI Models used by our Multi-Model AI Apps™

No Learning Curves For You (No Engineering Degree Needed!)

Forget long learning curves and dozens of "learning videos" to use an App - we employed tech to simplify APP use, for Non-AI APPs and even AI APPs. Forget Hard to learn Apps with thousands of settings you don't need.

Enjoy Simplified Simple Smart 'Single Page' Apps that run on ANY device. Apps smart enough to be ridiculously simple to use. (Not all Apps use AI - some Apps are just intelligently programmed.)

Each of our Apps has ONE Tutorial Video (average only 2 minutes!) - embedded on a SINGLE "manual page" for that App. That manual page and Video is all that is needed to show you how to use the APP! (most people don't even need that!)

Besides being Simple Smart our Apps are designed with the SAME basic interface (look & feel). This similarity means if you learn how to use one, you know how to use ANY of them

You Get An Endless APPs ARSENAL™ That Does Your Work

TWO Companies, including An Ex-NASA Engineer, and Their Teams Created an APPs ARSENAL™ of APPs and ADD APPs to it CONSTANTLY - almost Weekly! (42 APPs just in the last 36 weeks!) - PLUS Other supporting Products and GUIDES.

Innovations and Tools like Visual Neo Web - a Low code development system - make VERY rapid development possible.

60 Apps on 1 site is just the beginning, We have over 163 Apps on the design list. Your membership fee will NEVER be raised, while more, and more and more Apps will be added.

IF We Don't Have an App You Need - Just ASK Us To Create It!

You Can Simplify Your AI Life

SIMPLIFY your AI life - and your life. Use our Dozens & Dozens of Simplified Simple Smart Apps You can Load&Run from ONE Site, ONE Platform:
  NO need to download & install Many, many many, Apps.
  NO need to clutter on your Home Screen.

ALL the Apps can be used from a single point/single site. DESIGNED To be EASY to Use even on Phone Screens.

You Don't Need To Craft/Create Prompts! (We GIVE Them To You)

Enjoy the SERENITY of our  NoPrompts AI™ Apps we created. AI needs PROMPTS (commands) - input/questions/guidelines/instructions/etc. - to produce quality output(responses). 

Our engineers have built AI Apps with TESTED, proprietary prompts ALREADY built-into the APPs!

We ALSO have a Prompts Arsenal™ App you can use - Use it to Just choose the prompt you need - to get the content/response you need. NO need to create a prompt. The App has an ever growing Database of Prompts to choose from.

AND We Have an App DESIGNED to help create any prompt you need: AI Prompt Engineer Xtreme (more on that in the App Showcase below)

Get An APP or ChatBot Created FOR You - FREE (Just Ask!)

Enjoy The ADVANTAGE of Getting Any App You Need, Created For You, just by asking!

Is there an APP or BOT APP you wish we had on the site? A repetitive task you need to be able to get done? Just email us - we love emails! - and let us know. 

Our teams honestly love to create new Apps. Just email us directly.

AI Great Quotes is a FREE AI App That Delivers Quotes from Great People Based on Any Topic You Ask

CLICK  To Reveal All

You Get More Than Just Apps

Enjoy MORE than just Apps - Such as Relevant eBooks, Videos, eCourses and Digital Art. Training, Guidance, Advice. ("Lions and tigers and bears, oh my")

NO Fees No Worries No Contracts

Enjoy the ABSENCE of ANY other fees or costs for "Pro" versions of Apps. NO hidden Fees - NO Sales Funnels.

There are no contracts, no commitments, No Worries or Questions If You decide to Cancel.

$5 for ALL the Apps. Everything. Nothing else to pay. Always stays at $5 for those who join now

You Get Free Access To Our Other Sites

We are creating several other sites (satellite or sister sites) that are RELATED to some of the Apps you can use here. Joining as a member here, AUTOMATICALLY makes you a member of ALL such sites we create.  Free Memberships. We have 7 such sites planned already.

For EXAMPLE: The Ad Page Maker App creates an Advertising/Marketing page that is actually a Single (web) Page App (an SPA) with special properties (like being able to be  embedded in an iFrame).

We are creating a site called AISites.link where our members HERE, can HOST Ad Pages on that site, ANY Ad Page You create - NO COST. It's included.

So, you don't have to own a website to have pages out there on the web serving your purpose, such as making an affiliate sale for YOU.

$5 for ALL the Apps. AND All the sites. Nothing else to pay. THIS site Always stays at $5 for those who join now.

Created By App on Our Site - HOSTED on Satellite Site

You Get Human Created Innovations - Not Hype

This site Just Launched & has Innovations you won't see anywhere, from TWO Tech/Engineering companies (in the US and the EU) with decades of experience.

That includes Teams of professional developers, artists, writers - HUMAN created, no AI - who have been doing this for decades..

Real Human Support  (No "SkyNet" Robots 🙂

You'll Always be able to reach real human beings - not AI! - via email. IF you need Help or Guidance or have Feedback: Email us! at [email protected]
We LIKE Getting email 🙂

No "skynet" AI to mess with (AI is a Tool - People are more than that). 
NO "forum" of users who "might" help you.
NO "leave a ticket and hope for a human reply" approach.
YOU will always be talking to our team.

Physically LIMITED Membership - To 2,300?

Our site server could handle Tens of Thousands of users, BUT since we pay for ALL the AI you use, and want everyone to get as much AI use as they need, we are Limiting the Total Number of Members to 2,300 allowed. That's not a lot of people.
(You can get on the waiting list IF the membership is full. FREE Apps will always be available)

When we reach 50, 75, 100, Apps, those who Join Now will STILL be paying only $5.
We want 2,300 happy, loyal people, who would be still with us when we reach 200 APPs in the APP ARSENAL™ 🙂

As membership grows, we will increase the membership price ONLY for NEW members.

We want people who WANT to use our APP ARSENAL™ Apps, who WANT to profit from using them. 

You probably won't believe how cheap we made it, and even that, you can get refunded if you cancel WITHOUT questions or worries.


Two Tech Companies - Twice The Simplicity

Not one, but TWO tech/engineering companies - decades old - One in the US and one in the EU, partnered in 2021 to create all this software and AI and this site.

These Apps are not the creations of some lone marketer and their outsourced programmer. . .

Joe C. - Leader
Dead Parrot Software Inc.
A former NASA/ Intel/ Bell Labs Engineer

For 15 years Dead Parrot Software Inc. (DPS) has developed software products for ourselves & other companies. Now we are DEDICATED to our Site Members:.
to providing ONE platform FULL of Simplified Apps and Multi-Model AI Apps™  to Get Things Done Quickly & Make them Money. 

Our Apps run on ANY device, from PC to Phone.

Our creative engineering team LOVES to create Apps (and eBooks, digital art, videos & more) -  So Apps are Added CONSTANTLY. Over 48 Apps ADDED in past 6 months

AND I want you to ask ANYTHING, then Please do so:  [email protected]

Luis Hernández Peña
CEO of SinLios Soluciones Digitales

Since 2012, SinLios has been developing Progressive Web Apps (PWA) and Single Page Apps (SPA), as well as native Windows Apps with development software & tools THEY developed: VisualNeo Web & VisualNeo Windows compiler and IDE's.

These same tools were used to create the Apps for this site. SinLios is a strategic and software development partner with Dead Parrot Software. BOTH companies are dedicated to developing APPs for this site and it's members using the latest technology.

Please Check out the APPs SHOWCASE Below


There is so much we could share with you about the AI, the Apps, and Software it could fill a book.
So We Wrote One!  (Like Everything Else - It's Included in your membership. Available starting April 30th)

The Dead Easy AI Guide:
Simplifying AI For Everyday People

Joe e. Clayton  & Luis Hernández

Innovations To Simplify AI And It's Use

To accomplish our Goal of Simplified AI for you to use, as inexpensive (as possible), our teams had to create or modify innovations:

  • Multi-Model AI Apps™ simplified AI Apps where you can choose in the App a model to use
  • Simple Smart™ simplified 'Single Page' AI Apps (SPA) that run FAST - on ANY device
  • NOPrompts AI™ with Tested, proprietary PrePrompts™ built-Into the Apps!
  • Prompt Engineering AI App we developed in 2022 - Now in version 5 - that creates Prompts FOR you.
  • Talking Apps - Most of our Apps have a text to speech built-in & Speak responses
  • The Prompts Arsenal An App and a connected database containing thousands of Prompts organized for you to Choose From (instead of creating your own)
  • Visual Neo Web - a LOW code system allows RAPID development of Apps - at ludicrous speed! 🙂 The system includes extensions specifically for AI development.
  • SinglePage Manuals for each App simplified with embedded tutorial videos, screenshots, etc. all on ONE simple page
  • Money App Makers with Real-Time view that shows your changes as they are done - Without Coding - and create Apps ready to deliver. (We developed the first NoCode software App creator in 1997).
  • Compressed App Design - you would have to simultaneously load over 300 of Our Apps to use up 1 Gig of memory!
  • Content Money Maker Apps with PrePrompts™ built-In to create entire eBooks, blogs, emails, sales letters, etc.

The APPs ARSENAL App Showcase

Below is a showcase SOME of the APPs ARSENAL™ Apps, so far. ALL of them are SimplifiedSingle Page Apps.  EASY to use, but powerful. ALL plugged into and executed/run from our single site Platform! And we will continue to develop and Add more Continuously.

Just a hint of what is possible with your membership, IF you Act!

Make Money Apps Showcase

Money Apps are what we call the Simplified APP Maker & Product Maker Apps in the Arsenal.

BECAUSE You actually can make money with these Apps. These Apps were designed to create Products for you. Your own Apps, eBooks, etc. And also create AI and Non-AI Apps for you. NO effort, NO coding.

The AI does the Work and produces Simplified  Products for you, ready to sell and deliver. In minutes. Some of the Apps on this site were created with Money Apps!

We paid the cost of development - TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars and 2 years of work, so you could produce income from our software.

All it takes is ONE: a GOOD App or eBook or other product for you to make income. Create a HUNDRED Apps - Create a HUNDRED eBooks.  It still costs you nothing extra - it's included in Membership!

 Money Apps: Xtreme Makers

These are just a COUPLE of the Xtreme Money Apps created by our Teams to help you make money using AI to write COMPLETE eBooks or custom "focused" AI Bots.

There are other Money Apps besides these , and we are adding more.

TWO Amazing (Amazon KDP Ready) eBook MAKER Apps

Comes in 2 Versions - Human Enhanced (HE) and Pure AI - BOTH Can Create COMPLETE eBooks from Just an Idea.

AI eBook Write-r - HE   & 
AI eBook Write-r Xtreme
(Human Enhanced AI & Pure AI Versions)

Create COMPLETE Non-Fiction eBooks from an idea and a simple description! 50 to 80 Pages each!

In 2 days, we created & PUBLISHED 4 Kindle eBooks, Approved by Amazon and LISTED for sale - Approved EXACTLY as written by our App.
We made no changes or edits.
(Of course, you could also sell the eBooks yourself instead of on Amazon.)

Our Proprietary Prompts create eBooks - output in Kindle format! - that seem Human written and passed Amazon's review. No Effort, No writing!

All that was needed was an idea and a description of the idea.

Easily Making Your Own AI Apps For Fun & Profit

Creates Packaged AI Apps ready for buyers to download

AIMX - AI Maker Xtreme (App Maker)

Create COMPLETE AI APPs - packaged & ready for buyers to download. In minutes, focused on a specific use or task, such as content creators.

Want to create an AI App that generates headlines and titles? Easy! NO effort. NO coding. 
(some of the Apps on this site were created with THIS Super App.)

All that is needed is an idea and a few pieces of information.
Our Proprietary Pre-Prompts integrated into the Apps ensure that the Apps created work as intended.

The possibilities for what you could create are endless.

Easily Making Your Own Focused AI Chat BOTs

Creates Packaged AI BOT Apps ready for buyers to download

AI Bot Dazzler Pro - AI App Maker

Create COMPLETE conversational  AFocused (Chat)Bot Apps packaged & ready for buyers to download. In minutes, focused on a specific topic (like health, travel, etc.) Want to create an AI App that will chat with people about dogs? Easy!  NO effort. NO coding. 

Some of the AFocused AI Apps on this site were created with THIS Maker App!

All that is needed is to choose a topic and fill in some blanks.
Our Proprietary Pre-Prompts integrated into the Apps ensure that the Apps created work as intended.

The possibilities for what you could create (to sell or not) are endless.

 Money Apps: NOCoding 'SPA' Makers 

Our teams develop a variety of multi-platform NOCode MAKER Apps  for creating your own Simple Smart™ SPA - Single Page (web) APPs - Both AI and Non-AI. WITHOUT CODING

It takes NO coding (NO Code NO Effort) or a Tech education to create Apps. Create Apps To use yourself or sell/create for a fee

AD Lister Page Maker Xtreme - Creates An Advertising Single Page App (SPA) for yourself or for a fee

AD Lister Page App Maker

Create an Advertisement Single Page App (SPA) packaged & ready for buyers to download (Non-AI) or For YOU to Use.

A Drag & Drop / Fill In The blank maker can make your SPA Ad Page App In minutes.

It creates an SPA that is RESPONSIVE Page even  if it is embedded inside a an i-frame on any other page/site.

All that is needed is to drop in an image and fill in some blanks.
Our Proprietary Pre-Prompts integrated into the Apps ensure that the Apps created work as intended.

The possibilities for what you could create (to sell or not) are endless. We also provide a SITE for hosting theses pages - FREE for members.

SCROLL SOME of The Other SPA Maker Apps (NON-AI): 


Our team develops multi-platform AFocused AI ChatBot Apps, for you to USE. With these you can Create specific Content or Images from AI you need (To use or sellOR use the Apps just to do difficult tasks quickly and easily! Ask and They Answer.


App Interface to Use MANY AI MODELS from Our Site

AI Arsenal App - The MANY Model AI Interface

Choose from and Use the MANY AI Models directly from This App - for FREE (We pay for it).

The incredibly versatile AI Arsenal App, is a powerful tool based on AI that provides information, answers questions, content and fulfills requests in natural language. Ask questions (prompts) and get responses. But that's not all! 

This app goes beyond ChatGPT by offering you the ability to CHOOSE from a wide array of MANY AI models and set the creativity level for each one, giving you complete control over your AI interactions. This includes doing everything with this App, that you can do at OpenAI.

The possibilities for what you could create (to sell or not) are endless, including ANY type of content.

Use this interface when you can't find an AFocused App in the APPs ARSENAL™  to do the job.

USE OpenAI ChatGPT From OUR App - Free

Interface to OpenAI's ChatGPT from Our Site

Quick Easy AI - The OpenAI AI Interface

Use the OpenAI AI Models directly from Our App - for FREE.
Everything you can do at OpenAI, you can do here with the App

Use AI that provides information, answers questions, creates content and fulfills requests in natural language. Ask questions (prompts) and get responses. (We have a Prompt Database you can use).

The possibilities for what you could create (to sell or not) are endless, including ANY type of content.

Use this interface when you can't find an App in the APPs ARSENAL™  to do a particular job. OR ask us to create an App that does what you need.

SCROLL Thru Just Some of The OTHER AFocused AI Apps:

Non-AI Software Apps Showcase

These APPs are NOT AI - but Are Intelligently coded. 

Our team develops a variety of multi-platform Simple Smart™ SPA (Single Page - web - Apps),  for your use to Create things you need - from CONTENT to IMAGES to MORE - OR just to do difficult tasks quickly and easily!

SOME of The NON-AI +Software Apps:

Meme-r: SOFTWARE TOOL - Create Memes THE SIMPLE - Even Fun! - Way (Who Needs Over Complicated software?)

GifShooter: Create GIF Movies from images OR video - simple task single screen App

PDF-r: Super EASY Way To Build a PDF - Why Use Complicated Software?

Membership is LIMITED. Join & Get the APPs ARSENAL™ & Everything We Add - NO RISK!


Absolutely NO RISK!  Join without worries.
IF You Cancel in the first 30 days FOR ANY REASON
You Get Your $5 Back AND Keep Anything You Created! No Questions

So Just HIT That Black Button!
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More Tech Products Showcase

Digital Information Products for ALL Members

Information in digital form 

Our Team creates and curates information and delivers it to ALL members in  a variety of formats and forms, focused primarily on Tech & Software AND how to Market and  EARN INCOME with our software. 

  • eBooks & PDFs (on software, marketing, etc.)
  • eCourses (to teach our members)
  • Videos & Audios (to inform)

Digital Art

Digital Art  & More for ALL Members

With Both Artists & Engineers There Is More Than Just Software

There is more to Innovation than engineering. The creative members of our team have and will continue to create digital based art and products for this site related to tech:

  • Digital & AI Art (created by our own team)
  • Reel Apps (Our Creation)

Meet Some  of Our Team

A Few of The People Who Develop the Products For This Site.

Engineering Leader / AUTHOR


Ex-NASA/Intel/Bell Labs Engineer, Author - Designer of DSB Management Framework for this site

Digital Artist


Lead Artist. A Creator of Digital Art, Cartoonist, Painter.

Web Programmer


Full Stack developer of Web Software Platforms & PWA (Progressive Web Apps)